The HANTPOL® company has been operating on the Polish and international market since 1990. Since then, we have been introducing the highest quality biological products to your homes and workplaces.

The company’s headquarters and main production plants are located in Warsaw.

Many years of technological effort has led to the fact that our biotechnology products are completely natural. They do not contain chemical preservatives, pesticides and fungicides.

They are not genetically modified. They have been carefully designed and thoroughly tested – they are absolutely safe for people, animals and the environment. They include unprocessed natural raw materials of plant and mineral origin and carefully isolated from the soil and surface waters specially adapted and safe bacteria.

As a producer, we are constantly improving our technologies, introducing the latest biotechnology solutions and ensuring that our products are always of the best quality.

We also specialize in introducing biotechnology in various industries as part of broadly understood environmental protection.

One of the most important tasks is to eliminate odors and their sources. We have major achievements in this field – our biotechnologies have significantly improved the living conditions of thousands of people.

Our clients are both large corporations and small companies.

HANTPOL® offers many products and services from the Hi-Tech group ranging from environmental monitoring to the introduction of microbiological bioproducts and advanced biotechnology to sewage installations in industrial practice.

Dosage documentation and application instructions are prepared individually for each facility using our many years of experience.