The RV-BT bioproduct is used in daily service of sewage tanks, both black water as well as gray water in motorhomes, caravans, inland and high seas yachts. The formula, free of aggressive chemistry, facilitates cooperation with local sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, and similar structures.


Caravanning and yachting more and more popular way of spending free time surrounded by nature.

In the interests of the environment, only natural and environmentally friendly products should be used to operate sanitary equipment in caravans, motorhomes and yachts.

The RV-BT is such a product, which formula creates a unique opportunity to solve problems related to wastewater in motorhome and yachting, using natural biological processes. This bioproduct contains specific and safe strains of bacteria, carefully selected from water and soil, capable of efficient and effective decomposition of paper, faeces and suspended solids of organic origin in “black” and “gray” water tanks. In addition, it effectively degrades typical bilge water pollutions, including lubricants and fuel residues, preventing them from blocking biodegradation processes.

RV-BT is an extremely efficient and safe solution designed eliminate unwanted smells and their sources from your sanitary installations.


RV-BT can be bought:

– in good warehouses and household chemistry stores,

– in stores and warehouses for caravan enthusiasts

– in sailing stores and marinas

– at the order producer:

tel .: +48 22 852 25 82


and in the online store RV-BT:


The natural, fully pro-ecological RV-BT bioproduct is a creation of the advanced biotechnology.

Wide range of applicationse

The RV-BT bioproduct is designed for yachting and caravanning, but this product can be used everywhere where we deal with sanitary facilities, including toilets in buses, trains and stationary devices without access to running water.

Easy to use

The liquid formula of the RV-BT makes dosing easier. The measuring tape printed on the label allows the product to be measured. One portion means one piece on the tape.

Environmentally friendly

Caring for a clean environment, we can’t forget about water purification.