The RV-BT bioproduct, which we are pleased to offer you, is a real revolution in the technology of servicing sanitary equipment installed in motorhomes, yachts or in caravans.

The RV-BT contains carefully isolated from water and soil natural, non-pathogenic strains of bacteria capable of efficient and effective removal of unpleasant odors and dissolution of impurities.

The RV-BT is a product of the advanced biotechnology and has high activity even at low doses. Due to this, it is the most efficient product for waste disposal designed for camping and yachting.

If we combine its natural composition and the lack of negative impact for the environment, then there is one conclusion – we start using the RV-BT (Recreational Vehicles BioTechnology) bioproduct.

We purposely used the English name abbreviation, because campering was created and developed in the USA and everything that relates to this wonderful form of spending free time has in its name RV.

rodzina RV-BT

RV-BT 1,0L, 0,2L, 4,0L